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Do you need help with writing, editing, or managing a project?

Your communications will be more effective when you use me to:
•    Craft your message and tailor it to the group you want to reach
•    Organize your thoughts and ideas in a clear, concise way
•    Edit your text to make it best reflect your purpose
•    Manage your project details

My Services

Project Management

  • Compiling information from colleagues
  • Managing freelance work with graphic designers, photographers, and other professionals
  • Researching and fact-checking
  • Creating book indexes
  • Overseeing printers and website designers


  • Writing copy and crafting messages
  • Writing website text


  • Copy editing material so your message is concise and effective
  • Proofreading for clarity and accuracy
  • Editing website text to make it accessible and readable


  • Scanning and sizing photographs
  • Laying out newsletters and other simple publications

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